Saturday, May 19, 2012


I really like the concept of Facebook. I can keep up with what is going on in friend's lives, reconnect with old "friends", and Timeline will actually be worth it in 10 years when we're suffering early onset dementia (from a host of current day bad habits) and want to try to fill in the gaps in our memories.

Shit got pretty monumental on Facebook this week. They went public and it was one of the most popular IPOs of all time, I posted less than 5 status updates, the Harvard Boys Baseball Team went viral, and I was solicited by someone I'm pretty confident I met once but remember zero details about.

Message: "why you gotta be so damn pretty and a memory of mine I will never forget reallllllllllllly hope youd consider going out with me sometime hope to hear from you ya babe 555-555-5555" (obviously I'm not posting his real number)

After some hardcore investigating (i.e. texting our only mutual friend) and him deleting his facebook profile this morning, I'm no closer to solving the mystery.

I'm slightly concerned that the first thought to come into my head is: Coyote Ugly.

Crack the case or let it be? Thoughts? Opinions? Another viral video that I'll love nearly as much as those Harvard boys?

-Lulu Pin It Now!

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