Thursday, May 10, 2012


I am currently in a state of shock.  I'm in the middle of sending out a barrage of work emails when I see that I have a new gmail message from OKCupid.  I get a number of OKCupid emails every week. *I know, I'm so popular...haha!*  I figured it would be like all the rest.  The "suitor" would be anywhere from 4'9"-5'5", 40+ years old, unemployed, and speak/write English as a third language.  I'm incredibly desirable to the loser/reject demographic.  The message:

"Hey You!
What have you been up to? I was hoping to see if you had a pic with your stright hair. so what are you up to this weekend.? Heading to WVA for mother's day?


**Unfamiliar with the Pete saga?  Catch up here (2nd half) and here.**


The first thing to run through my mind was "my family doesn't even live in WV!"...and then the second thing to run through my mind was "motherf*cker" as my jaw hit the top of my desk.  This shit is "stright" up ridiculous. 

I feel that I should pass along a couple gems from Petey Poo's profile:

#1 - Dear Petey, please meet the comma.  Additionally, please say goodbye to the word 'and' (which I just learned you are only supposed to capitalize every other time you list something).  "What Petey is doing with his life":

working for my future. and loving my job. And learning about everything. and other languages and cultures. And being in the best shape of my life.

#2 - Top 3 favorite things that Petey said "I'm really good at":

1. learning the Kalimba from Africa
2. learning the Native American sprit flute
3. Drinking water

I shit you not.  He actually said he's really good at drinking water.  We clearly would never work together considering when I read that for the first time I spit water all over my computer monitor.
I'm clearly lacking material for this blog so I'm considering responding.  Thoughts? Opinions?  Prescriptions for antipsychotics that I can pass along to him?

Big Hug and Kiss,
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  1. FYI, your posts are probably the only ones that make me laugh - nay - guffort (that's guffaw and snort) out loud every time I read them.

  2. Are you flippin kidding me? Wow. WOW! Oh, for Pete's sake.